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Contact information:  Tammy McKean-Bordeaux, e-mail  or call  337-583-2439 hm or 409-789-3161 mb.  I have been raising AKC Toy poodles, AKC Tiny Toy poodles, and AKC Teacup Poodle puppies for over 20 years.  They are the light of my life!  I am dedicated to producing healthy, happy, well socialized puppies!  All of my AKC Poodle puppies that are for sale have champion pedigrees.  I have high quality lines but, my soul purpose is to place my puppies in loving homes where they become part of the family.  Therefore all of my puppies are sold with limited registrations (no breeding rights).   My puppies are raised  underfoot with lots of TLC and attention in the middle of my livingroom, as puppies should be.  All puppies will have had their shots according to age, been wormed, and tails docked.  They come with their shot record, AKC registration application and a written health guarantee.  All of my dogs are treated as household pets, my entire day is spent with them playing in their large yard or in their (climate controlled) house if weather does not permit outside play.  Their home is kept exceptionally clean, I feed a well balanced diet of Science Diet and iams hard kibble. Tthey get plenty of exercise, fresh air and sunshine which I believe contributes to good health and happiness.  Plus all the love they deserve (if you can give them enough love).  I do ship puppies within the continental US at purchasers expense of $250. through American Airlines.  This price includes the airline approved crate, health certificate from my vet and the flight itself.  Puppies can be shipped at no less than 8 weeks of age with temperatures not over 85 or under 50 at either end of the flight.

AKC Breed Standard for poodles states that:  A Toy Poodle must be 10" or under in height (weights vary) with a level back line, tightly curled hair in a variety of colors, a bright intelligent sparkle in it's eyes which should be set at ear level, an even/scissor bite.   The classification by weight (Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup, and Pocket) is how we breeders determine the adult weight/size of a TOY Poodle and how to price them but they are all registered with AKC as TOY Poodles.   


NO PET STORES, PUPPY MILLS OR PUPPY BROKERS PLEASE!  My puppies go directly to new homes with loving owners only.  I reserve the right to refuse to sell one of my puppies/dogs to anyone I don't feel comfortable with.  I am responsible for them being brought into the world and assuring that they are maintained in the manner in which they are accustomed to.

AKC Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup Poodles (poodle puppies) respectable, AKC inspected hobby breeder of beautiful, well socailized, healthy happy Poodles.
My Kennel where my adult poodles sleep at night. They all have doggie door to outside runs where they "go".
AKC Toy Tiny Toy Teacup Poodles & Poodle Puppies
Kennel work station where I groom and give baths.
AKC Toy Tiny Toy Teacup Poodles & Puppies
They have right at 1 acre of 6 foot privacy fenced yard
AKC Toy Tiny Toy Teacup Poodles & Poodle Puppies
at their "disposal" (continued below)
AKC Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup Poodles
The facility you see above is for my adults. All of my puppies are born in my house and raised in a playpen right in the middle of my living room. They are handled numerous times daily from birth and well socialized before they ever leave home.
AKC Toy Tiny Toy Teacup Poodles & Poodle puppies
to run and play together in daily :)